List Products


list all Nabto Edge Products in the organization. Administrators can set the query parameter asAdmin to list products across all organizations.


GET /v1/n5/products


Successful response contains the following JSON formated body:

   productId: string,
  organizationId: string,
  name: string|null,
  created: string,
  currentBatchId: number,
  tags: {
    [key: string]: string
  deleted: boolean,
  markedForDeletion: boolean,
  expiresAt: string|null,
  apps: string[],
  services: string[],
  configuredDevices: number 

Response Status codes:

  • 200 on success

Request headers

This request must have the following headers:

  • Authorization: bearer <ApiKey>
  • X-Nabto-Organization: <organizationId>

Request Query Parameters

This request supports the following query parameters:

  • asAdmin If set, lists Products across organizations. (Only available to admins)
  • filter Only return Products matching this filter. (Only available with asAdmin)
  • showDeleted If set, includes deleted Products. (Only available with asAdmin)
  • orgFilter Only return Products in Organizations with ID matching this filter. (Only available with asAdmin)



curl "" \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer <ApiKey>" \
  -H "X-Nabto-Organization: <OrganizationId>"


   productId: "pr-abcdefgh",
  organizationId: "or-lmnopqrs",
  name: "friendly name",
  created: "2022-10-18T10:17:24.299Z",
  currentBatchId: 42,
  tags: {
    "foo": "bar" 
  deleted: true,
  markedForDeletion: true,
  expiresAt: "2022-10-18T10:17:24.299Z",
  apps:[ "ap-abcdwxyz",
  services:[ "se-xyabzwcd",
  configuredDevices: 42