CoAP Endpoints

This section documents the standard CoAP endpoints exposed by Nabto provided modules in the Nabto Edge Embedded Device SDK. These endpoints are to be invoked from Nabto Edge Clients to e.g. perform user pairing and manage the user database.

In addition to these endpoints, the Embedded SDK exposes CoAP endpoints to the client used for Nabto core functionalities. As to not clash with these endpoints, the CoAP paths below are reserved for Nabto defined endpoints. Therefore, new CoAP endpoints should never be created under the following paths:

  • /p2p/
  • /iam/
  • /tcp-tunnels/

For each CoAP endpoint, the request and response formats are defined. Where applicable, access control actions and attributes are listed.

Request and response formats are shown in JSON format, however, payloads are always encoded as CBOR.

IAM CoAP Endpoints

The Nabto Edge IAM module in the embedded device SDK exposes a set of CoAP endpoints to implement pairing and manage users.

Tunnel CoAP Endpoints

Nabto Edge TCP Tunnels are opened from client applications using a set of CoAP endpoints exposed by the tunnel implementation on the embedded device. Opening and closing tunnels in the client is encapsulated through a simple-to-use set of API functions.