Perform Local Initial pairing , assigning the default initial username configured on the device (typically “admin”)

In this mode, the initial user can be paired on the local network without providing a username or password - and only the initial user. This is a typical bootstrap scenario to pair the admin user (device owner).


System.Threading.Tasks.Task PairLocalInitialAsync(Nabto.Edge.Client.IConnection)


  • connection: An established connection to the device this client should be paired with


  • T:Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamException: Thrown with Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamErrorBLOCKED_BY_DEVICE_CONFIGURATION if the device configuration does not support local initial pairing (the IAM:PairingLocalInitial action is not set for the Unpaired role or the device does not support the pairing mode at all).
  • T:Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamException: Thrown with Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamErrorPAIRING_MODE_DISABLED if the pairing mode is configured on the device but is disabled at runtime.
  • T:Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamException: Thrown with Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamErrorINITIAL_USER_ALREADY_PAIRED if the initial user was already paired.
  • T:Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamException: Thrown with Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamErrorIAM_NOT_SUPPORTED if Nabto Edge IAM is not supported by the device.