Perform Local Open pairing , requesting the specified username.

Local open pairing uses the trusted local network (LAN) pairing mechanism. No password is required for pairing and no invitation is needed, anybody on the LAN can initiate pairing.


System.Threading.Tasks.Task PairLocalOpenAsync(Nabto.Edge.Client.IConnection, System.String)


  • connection: An established connection to the device this client should be paired with
  • desiredUsername: Assign this username on the device if available (pairing fails with .USERNAME_EXISTS if not)


  • T:Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamException: Thrown with Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamErrorUSERNAME_EXISTS if desiredUsername is already in use on the device.
  • T:Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamException: Thrown with Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamErrorINVALID_INPUT if desiredUsername is .
  • T:Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamException: Thrown with Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamErrorBLOCKED_BY_DEVICE_CONFIGURATION if the device configuration does not support local open pairing (the IAM:PairingLocalOpen action is not set for the Unpaired role or the device does not support the pairing mode at all).
  • T:Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamException: Thrown with Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamErrorPAIRING_MODE_DISABLED if the pairing mode is configured on the device but is disabled at runtime.
  • T:Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamException: Thrown with Nabto.Edge.ClientIam.IamErrorIAM_NOT_SUPPORTED if Nabto Edge IAM is not supported by the device.