WebRTC Device SDK

The Nabto Edge WebRTC Device SDK is a library to be used with the Nabto Edge Embedded Device SDK. This module makes it possible to create WebRTC connections using the Nabto Edge Connection for signaling. The SDK is open source and C++ based.


This class is the main context which handles Nabto Edge WebRTC Connections.


Media tracks are representing a single video or audio feed on a Nabto Edge WebRTC connection. This is used to specify how the WebRTC connection should be negotiated, as well as sending and receiving the media data.


The event queue is an interface used by the Nabto Device WebRTC to synchronize events from different threads into a single thread. This interface means that applications can use the same event queue if it also requires synchronization of events. It also means users can implement their own event queue or use the Nabto provided example queue.