Client Development Overview

When developing a Nabto Edge Client SDK based application, you typically want to start out with a quick test to evaluate the platform. For a ready-to-run, minimal example, jump right into our “Hello, world!” application for desktop commandline environments. Or try a bit more complex example like the virtual thermostat demo and RTSP video player apps for iOS and Android.

Client application development is supported through high level SDKs on iOS and Android. Lower level C-based SDKs are available on Windows, macOS and Linux. The lower level C-based SDKs are also available on iOS and Android if needed in addition to the higher level SDKs.

A fundamental step in a Nabto Edge Client application is to connect to a device built with the Nabto Edge Embedded Device SDK. This is described in the Connecting guide in this section.

You can use Device Discovery to connect to local devices you do not yet know the id of.

Once a device has been discovered and connected to, it can be used to implement actual IoT use cases. We have guides tailored for the two most common scenarios:

  • Remote control a device directly using Nabto Edge CoAP

  • Stream video from an RTSP service on a camera or DVR/NVR using Nabto Edge TCP Tunnels

It is fine to just jump right into the mentioned examples to get a quick impression of the platform and capabilities. Before implementing an actual solution, it is highly recommended to study the general guides to Nabto Edge concepts.