Guides to Most Popular Use Cases

  • Remote Control App

    Build a mobile app for remote control

    The Nabto Edge platform enables you to securely communicate with embedded devices in real time, regardless of firewall configurations. Invoke the device directly as simple as invoking an HTTP REST service - ideal for remote control scenarios!

  • Video Stream App

    Build a mobile app for P2P video streaming

    P2P video streaming is the most popular Nabto Edge use case: Secure, high performance streaming with high P2P ratio. Through WebRTC or securely tunneled RTSP. Decentral access control option makes it simple to manage in OEM solutions.

Guides to Most Popular Embedded Platforms

The Nabto Embedded SDK is open source for simple integration into the vendor’s embedded system. We provide examples for a few popular platforms.

Guides to General Concepts

Introduction to system components, communication patterns and security concepts.