iOS Clients

Currently we only provide a low level plain ANSI C based SDK, compiled for relevant iOS architectures. We will soon (Q3 2020) provide higher level wrappers for simpler development.

This means for now you must use the Plain C Clients API. Fortunately, using a plain C-based SDK on iOS is relatively straight forward, especially if your project is Objective C based.

If you use Swift, you must setup an Objective C bridging header - there are many guides available online specifically to do this when using a C Library - for instance this one. The raw C-types are a bit of a mess to handle from Swift, though, so introducing a simple wrapper in Objective C is recommended (and will as mentioned also be provided by Nabto soon).


You can either use our CocoaPods bundle to manage installation. Or download and install manually. The former approach is recommended for simplicity.