Plain C SDK for iOS


The low level plain C-based SDK can be manually downloaded and made available for your build process: Download zip file.

However, it is recommend to use our CocoaPods bundle. For a general introduction to CocoaPods, see


The downloaded libraries must be manually copied to your project.

Extract the .a file from the downloaded compressed archive and put the .a file in a subdirectory of your project folder, e.g. in a lib folder so you have the following structure:

├── Nabto5\ iOS\ Demo
│   ├── AppDelegate.h
│   ├── AppDelegate.m
│   ├── ...
│   └── main.m
├── Nabto5\ iOS\ Demo.xcodeproj
│   ├── project.pbxproj
│   ├── project.xcworkspace
│   ├── ...
├── include
│     └── nabto_client.h               <===========
└── lib
    └── libnabto_client_static.a       <===========

The next section assumes a structure similar to above.


First, setup the search path for your project:

  1. select your target in the “Targets” list

  2. go to “Build Settings”

  3. go to the “Search Paths” section

  4. edit “Header Search Paths” and add "${PROJECT_DIR}/include.

You don’t have to update the library search path, it will be updated automatically in the next step.

Next, add the Nabto library:

  1. select your target in the “Targets” list

  2. go to “General”

  3. go to the “Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content” section

  4. click ‘+’ and then ‘Add Other…’

  5. locate the Nabto library you put in the local lib directory (likely in a parent of the default dir shown)

In your source code, include the header file:

#import "nabto_client.h"

You should now be able to compile, link and run your application - for both simulation and actual device targets.